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Can my old cassette recordings be converted into CD's?

Livewyre Studio offers a mail-order service converting your old audio cassette tapes into digital format in order that they might be preserved for the future.

We can convert your home recordings into playable CDs or MP3 format. We make a charge of £13.25 for a single CD produced from your cassette. If more than one CD is required (ie. if the recording is longer than 80 minutes) we will charge an additional £1.75 for an extra CD. More on pricing..



The price includes a CD with slimline jewel-case (no insert) and first class return postage. We will 'clean' the recording, add 'track markers' where appropriate and edit as required. We offer a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results, and make no charge if the tape cannot be copied for any reason.

We usually supply your recording on a 'lightscribe' CDR which has a title of your choice 'etched' on the top so that you can easily identify your recordings.

Get in touch, and we will send you a quote and the paperwork so that you can send us your tape(s) - or let us know if you have any specific request that is not answered on our FAQ page.

What sort of tapes can be copied?

We will copy your own home recordings of freinds and family, tapes of your band or an amateur musical production, but where there may be uncertainty about who owns the copyright for material, we may have to refuse to make a copy, or ask you to accept certain restrictions more...

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